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Our downstairs space is a restaurant and lounge open to the public from 7am-midnight catering to a wide variety of needs.Serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night snacks allows us to fulfill our hotel guests need.


Meanwhile the lounge and bar serve as a popular attraction with locals and after work crowds. Coming to take advantage of our daily drink specials, 50+ brands of whiskey, scotch, bourbon and a great selection of beer and wine in a comfortable surrounding. The restaurant has room for 30 people and can accommodate dinner groups of up to 18, while our hightop/bar area can host groups of 25-30.


We have an elegant building, hotel and can be closed for private events from time to time (namely Saturdays throughout the summer) which might make one hesitate to visit. Fear not, our staff are relaxed and helpful, our regular prices are competitive, our specials are downright criminal, and our menu is a great mix of bar food, tapas and European cuisine.